BBC Sport: Will Normal Service Ever Be Resumed?

29th November 2011

How ironic that the BBC's coverage of the 2011 Formula 1 season ended with the above image. Viewers of the Formula 1 Forum, following the Brazilian Grand Prix, were treated to the only semblance of an apology that the BBC have offered to it's millions of Formula 1 fans for the decision to abandon any sort of serious commitment to the sport. The fact that this apology came about as a result of a Brazilian power cut rather than any sudden attack of decency from BBC bosses only serves to highlight the irony.

Formula 1 coverage, as we have known it, is no more. Despite previously committing to a five year contract to provide it's customers with live coverage of the full Formula 1 season, the BBC have bailed out of that commitment two years early. You may think that is fair enough. In these difficult economic times is it not right that the BBC should seek to make necessary cost savings just as every other public corporation is required to do? After all, when the original commitment was made nobody could have foreseen the tumultuous economic upheaval that the whole world has had to face up to. Surely Formula 1 fans should take this one on the chin and recognise that we all have sacrifices to make in these austere times?


Defend The Indefensible: Hamilton Had A Point!

2nd June 2011

In true Fighting Talk style, the challenge is to claim that Lewis Hamilton had a point when he made his post race comments which have seen him castigated by all and sundry, following last Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix.

At first glance this is not an easy task. It appears that the brakes on Hamilton's tongue are not carbon fibre as he struggled to slow down his over-heated tongue from spouting forth every random, frustrated thought going through his brain. You could see the battle between brain and tongue being played out live to the television cameras. He knew he probably shouldn't be saying what he was, but at the same time could not stop himself. So what exactly did this momentary loss of reason teach us?


Vettel Showing No Signs Of Pressure

9th May 2011

Seven pole positions from the last eight races- there is no doubt as to Sebastian Vettel’s position as King of qualifying.

The current qualifying procedure of two knockout sessions followed by a top ten position shootout for pole position is designed to create drama and excitement for viewers. Drivers through to the shootout have only ten minutes to string together the perfect lap putting them under intense pressure. However, while others have struggled for example Mark Webber in China, Vettel has remained impressively relaxed and put in top laps when it has mattered to have qualified on pole position in all four races of the season so far.


Ferrari In Race Against Time

27th April 2011

Following the split-second call made by Stefano Domenicali in the championship clinching Abu Dhabi grand prix last year- to bring Fernando Alonso into the pits to cover off an early stop by Mark Webber- Ferrari gained heavy criticism, not just from Ferrari chairman Luca Di Montazemolo but also the unwelcome input from Italian politicians. This criticism nearly led to the resignation of team principal, Domenicali, for making a judgement call, which on a different day could have provided Ferrari with their first Drivers Championship since Kimi Raikkonen in 2007.

However, three races into the current campaign and the Tifosi are beginning to appreciate how close their team came to an amazing comeback. It took an outstanding team effort to lead the drivers championship going into the final race of a nailbiting season. The comeback began after Alonso found himself nearly fifty points behind following a fourteenth place finish at the British grand prix. Following Silverstone, the F10 underwent rapid development resulting in the controversial 1-2 finish at Hockenheim two weeks later. Although after this race Ferrari still had a car slightly slower than the Adrian Newey designed Red Bull, the Ferrari established itself as the most reliable car on the grid. This led to Fernando Alonso achieving the feat of finishing five consecutive races on the podium from the Italian Grand Prix to the penultimate race in Brazil, including back to back wins in Monza and Singapore.



Sunday 10th April 2011

Under the mercurial guidance of Flavio Briotore
The Renault team were never far from a story
Questionable tactics and manufactured spins
All to make sure that a team mate wins
A clever idea but not the right way to Glory.

With the maverick gone we expected quieter days
And for a while you sank into a hushed malaise
However your lack of controversy and brief dip in form
Turned out to be the calm before a magnificent storm
It didnt take long till you returned to more familiar ways.


Why Risk It? - Because Its The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On!

Thursday 17th February 2011

The horrific sight of a safety barrier skewering the remains of Robert Kubica's Skoda may leave many people wondering why such a succesful sportsman would risk his career by participating in such a dangerous sport.

Robert Kubica is not the first driver to suffer a serious injury picked up participating in extra curricular activities. Nor will he be the last. One of the most publicised recent examples is that of Mark Webber who broke his leg while cycling in November 2008. At the time, people were suggesting that the head on crash between his bicycle and a car in Tasmania may threaten his ability to participate in the sport. While Kubica's recovery is likely to be a far longer process, we certainly wish him just as successful an outcome. But why risk it in the first place?


Talent Over Money? Fernando Is Richer Than You!
Thursday 27th January 2011

The days of swashbuckling drivers pitting their skills against man and machine, in a bid to establish who was the fastest and most skillful driver of all, may seem to be distant memories of better days.

These days Formula 1 attracts headlines as often for its controversy and politics as it does for daring overtaking manoeuveres or epic battles to the chequered flag. It may still be one of the world's most popular, if not most popular, form of motorsport, but is it in danger of losing touch with its legions of fans?


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