What Has Happened To English Cricket?
9th June 2011

Something has happened to English cricket. I'm not sure when it happened, but something has definitely changed. Nobody warned me that this was going to happen and I'm simply not prepared. I don't know how to deal with this new version of being an England cricket supporter.

Perhaps if I were more than a casual supporter of cricket I would have recognised the signs that things were changing. However, I am not a serious supporter and I have developed a coping mechanism for supporting England. This coping mechanism has served me well for nearly thirty years of offering my casual, armchair support. The process was very simple. I got excited about the start of a new test series, I started watching that test series, I watched as hope turned into disappointment, I convinced myself that it was only cricket and that it didn't really matter and then I switched off. Life resumed as normal and the cricket armchair was vacated - replaced by a quick visit to Ceefax later in the day to see just how bad the disappointment was. It worked!


Welcome To The Cartel? No, Not Really!
19th April 2011
Two undeniable conclusions can be drawn from this year's cricket world cup in India. The 50 over version of the game is alive and kicking and still has a future, despite the success of the 20/20 format. Secondly, the tournament lasted far too long.

In an age where cricket authorities need to balance the development of the game with the increasing demands upon teams and players in an overcrowded calendar, the leaders of the world game have come up with an ingenious solution - forget all about development and ban the developing nations from the next world cup. You have to give them credit. They certainly were not half hearted in tackling the issue of too long a tournament. In fact, they have been so brave that they have decided to sacrifice the future development of the game just to meet this challenge. What other sport would be brave enough to follow up a successful world cup by voting to kill the tournament in the weeks that followed? Without an opportunity for developing nations to qualify then the next tournament will not be a world cup - it will be a jolly get together of the world's so called elite.


It Wasn't A Sicky! I Have Genuine Aussiesportitis!
Friday 28th January 2011

The winter of 2010/2011 has been a genuinely tough one. No, not all the snow and cutbacks. Its the sport! How are we meant to keep up with compelling sport through the night and work the next day? Its a hard life.

It all began way back on the 25th November, unless you are a true die-hard and watched the warm up games. However, even for us armchair pundits it seems like a lifetime ago. England were about to face their great nemesis, Australia in Australia. The usual optimism filled our heads as we anticipated the upcoming battle. However, memories of our last visit were still fresh enough to provide a get out clause for the inevitable dilemma of juggling a need for sleep with a desire to follow the team.


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