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10 Maddening Football Cliches That Won’t Die!
23rd November 2011

Is there ever a time when a turnover isn't costly? Of course, some turnovers are more costly than others. It stings much more when your team's running back fumbles the ball on his opponent's three-yard line during the waning moments of a closely fought AFC Championship Game (sorry, Browns fans) than when your team's backup quarterback tosses an interception when he's overseeing a five-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter. So, instead of stating the obvious, play-by-play men and analysts could say "that was the worst possible time for a turnover."

  • They were out-talented

    "Out-talented" is a new term that has emerged in recent years, probably created by a fatigued sports announcer during the conclusion of a mind-numbing blowout. When Houston obliterated SMU 95-21 in 1989, the Mustangs were "out-talented." Actually, they were out-talented a lot that season, their first after the devastating death penalty. There really isn't a more concise, politically correct way to say a team is bad, though an announcer could always just say, "they had less talent." It's not difficult, and sounds much, much better.

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    Football vs Futbol!
    27th May 2011

    Management Colleges
    Sports Management Colleges - Futbol v. Football

    Will We Ever Go Snooker Loopy Again?!
    3rd May 2011

    If you are too young to understand the title of this article then I envy you. Not only will you not have had to reluctantly deal with the onset of middle age, but neither will you have suffered the crimes against music that Chas and Dave inflicted upon us in the 80s.

    One of the offerings from the cockney duo that we had to endure was 'Snooker Loopy,' an amazingly bad rendition also starring the likes of Steve Davis, Dennis Taylor, Willie Thorne and Terry Griffiths. The passage of time has not improved the song. Listening to it again on Youtube it is hard to imagine that it was a big hit, but a big hit it was. Even more surprising is the fact that it wasn't a hit despite the vocals of the snooker players, but rather it was a hit because of them. These guys were household names and an established part of our entertainment culture. If we weren't watching them play snooker we would just as likely be watching them appear on Blankety Blank, The Generation Game, A Question Of Sport or Saturday Superstore. Snooker, and snooker players, appeared on our television sets as often as any other group of celebrities.


    What A Week!
    Thursday 10th February 2011

    This has, without doubt, been an incredible few days for sport. A record breaking day and weekend in the Premier League, three fantastically competitive six nations rugby encounters, a classic superbowl and the start of the new Nations Cup in international football. There have been so many talking points that it can only be described as a sports blogger's dream - that is unless you are a sports blogger who decided to take a few days off!

    In my defense, it wasn't billed as an amazing weekend of sport. Busy, yes. Amazing, no. With the exception of the superbowl, all of last weekend's sporting action should have been no more than a run of the mill weekend. An ordinary round of Premier League matches, the opening salvos of the six nations - with only the Wales v England game expected to be anywhere near competitive - and the usual mix of other sports making up a normal sporting weekend. I didn't see this one coming. I don't think anybody did. And that is what made it such an epic.


    Is Betting Ruining Sport?
    Sunday 30th January 2011

    As the snooker authorities announce the launch of yet another investigation into betting irregularities surrounding a match played on Friday between Jimmy Michie and Marcus Campbell, once again we are left wondering how much of the sport we watch is a genuine battle of sporting skill and how much is pre-arranged in seedy hotel rooms by those who wish to exploit sport for financial gain.

    No evidence that either player is guilty of anything untoward has been presented, and it is only right that they are assumed innocent until evidence to the contrary emerges, if any such evidence exists at all. It is very possible that the increased levels of betting on Marcus Campbell to win the match, that were observed by bookmarkers, were nothing more than coincidental. However, once again the relationship of sport and the financial gains of betting on sport is being put under the microscope.


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