Looking For A Steal
6th June 2011

June has arrived with rain which can only mean one thing: we’re once again on the verge of Murray mania. As the world’s elite prepare to descend on the lawns of Wimbledon in the coming weeks, we can be quietly confident that once again the nation’s optimists – from north and south of the border – are preparing to descend on the grass of Murray Mound, ready to cheer on their champion elect.

We can be just as sure that the nation’s cynics are also making their preparations. If you listen carefully you can already hear them sharpening their pencils and jostling for position to be the first to tear Murray to shreds, ready to scapegoat him for the failure of a generation and to castigate him for his careless handling of the nation’s hopes year after year. God forbid he should actually win – how disappointing that would be for the hacks when they find they cannot just copy and paste from yesteryear’s articles.


The Backlash Begins: Why Are The Knives Out For Andy Murray?
Monday 31st January 2011

Andy Murray has lost his third Grand Slam final. The dust has barely begun to settle and the predictable criticisms have started to emerge from whatever dark cavern they were hiding in during Andy's progression to the final.

For the past two weeks the interest in The Australian Open Tennis Championships has slowly built amongst the British Media and online forums, as people who don't normally show much interest in Tennis, outside of a couple of weeks in July, suddenly realised there was the possibility of a first British winner in the Open era. A lot of those same people appear to be more than willing to stick the boot in now that those hopes have been dashed.

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