Sunday, 10 April 2011


Under the mercurial guidance of Flavio Briotore
The Renault team were never far from a story
Questionable tactics and manufactured spins
All to make sure that a team mate wins
A clever idea but not the right way to Glory.

With the maverick gone we expected quieter days
And for a while you sank into a hushed malaise
However your lack of controversy and brief dip in form
Turned out to be the calm before a magnificent storm
It didnt take long till you returned to more familiar ways.

The year began with a bang as you staked a controversial claim
To a rich sporting heritage as you fought over a name
Your bitter dispute with the fledgling Team Lotus
Reminded us of all the headlines you had previously brought us
In 2011 we could expect more of the same.

Before the first race had started you were left with a hole
As you lost the services of the likeable but unlucky Pole
The gap had to be filled as the season doesnt end
Just because we are missing an absent friend
You would have to dig deep and show the world you got soul.

Even your most ardent fan would have thought it absurd
For the season to begin with Vitaly in third
Missing your leader Petrov stepped up to the plate
And showed that he might just have what it takes to be great
Once again Renault were making that briefly quiet voice heard.

To back up his success Vitaly tried to get a push on
But he ended up airbourne and became the 'rudderless Russian'
Not to worry this time it would be Nick Heidfeld's race
As he secured another unexpected podium place
While Petrov sat in the motorhome on a very soft cushion!

So far your season has gone better than anyone had reckoned
But no time to slow - already China has beckoned
Could you really shock us when we see the chequered flag drop
And a Renault driver has finished on top?
Maybe not. But who knows? You might finish second!

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